General Maintenance – Changing Your Air Filter   1 comment

Dirty Filter - Reduces air flow

Changing the filter in your HVAC is such a simple task, but one that is very important.

Why do you need to change your filter?  Furnace manufacturers put inexpensive fiberglass filters into their furnaces to remove airborne particles that might damage the fan and the heating coil.  Particle buildup can also decrease the efficiency of your furnace, as the furnace has to work harder to pull air through the intake. More expensive filters can also improve the air quality in your house by removing pollen, bacteria and mold spores from the air.  This is especially important if you or someone in your family suffers from allergies.

How often should you change your filter?  Check the documentation that came with your furnace. Recommendations vary based on a number of factors: the type of filter that you use, how many pets you have, whether anyone in your home has allergies, etc. If you use disposable fiberglass panel or electrostatic panel filters, you should change them anywhere from once a month to once every three months. Pleated filters generally last from 3 months to a year.  Filters are relatively inexpensive and easy to change, so there is little reason to wait. If you don’t change or clean your filter often enough the filter can get clogged with dust and other airborne particles, forcing your furnace to work harder to maintain airflow.  This will reduce your furnace’s efficiency and can cause damage.

How do I change my filter?  There should be a safety shut off (looks like a light switch) near the unit.  Turns this off, or simply turn the thermostat to the off position.  Once the blower has quit running, insert an appropriate sized filter with the arrow going toward the blower into the slot.


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